Chef Aaron Masanotti​, Certified Executive Chef


Chef Aaron Masanotti is an Art Institute of Atlanta graduate and ACF Certified Executive Chef who possesses a diverse background in the food and hospitality field. His experience ranges from casual to 5-star 5-diamond hotel fine-dining to private chef services. He's worked with accomplished European and American chefs; prepared dishes for all kinds of VIP guests from all parts of the world.  Aaron truly understands clients who expect beautifully cooked and delicious food executed with the highest standards. Influenced by French, Italian, and Asian cuisines, he also loves to work with smoke, char, and bold flavors. The center of Aaron's passion comes from a pure love of food; fresh organic food to be exact. Chef Aaron operates all things related to food and kitchen for all Louis Kingsley events and is also the Executive Chef at Sand Point Country Club in Seattle, WA.


Currently Aaron is exploring organic gardening and cooking focusing on cultivating fresh ingredients and is also perfecting the art of garden-to-table with his wife Jin. He encourages all of his friends, family, and clients to try new things and never stop exploring food.

Jin L. Masanotti


​With a grassroots upbringing in the food service industry and over 20 years of experience from hostess to bartending, kitchen management to general management, and owner-operation, Jin truly understands all aspects of southern hospitality and dining standards. She has reaped valuable food and customer service habits over the years such as locally sourcing fresh food and really getting to know clients one-on-one. These practices are a 30+ year family business standard that began with her late father when he opened his first restaurant in 1983 and continues on through her with Louis Kingsley Private Chef Catering.

Jin is co-owner of Louis Kingsley with her husband and partner Chef Aaron Masanotti. She manages all operations outside of the kitchen including sales, accounts, finances, photography, design, and event management. She is also a curated artist who shows and sells her artwork. Born and raised in the South, Jin is a proud Georgia State University alumna with a BA in Literary Studies. She has a deep love for Atlanta, art, nature, gatherings, and all the kindred free spirits out there.